Business Data Lake for the Oil and Gas Industry

Capgemini’s Business Data Lake for the Oil and Gas Industry enables organizations to leverage mountains of data, improve operations, and cut operating costs. The result is smarter, faster and cheaper drilling operations.

Critical Need for Efficiency

The oil and gas industry faces challenging market realities. In 2014, the increase in the global supply of petroleum and other liquid fuels was almost twice the increase in consumption. As a result, IT leaders in oil and gas companies are being asked to use big data to help lower overall operating costs. But IT leaders often lack the necessary storage solutions to harvest the vast amounts of raw data that could bring about a true digital transformation and resulting increase in efficiency.


Reducing Costs with Dynamic Data

Capgemini’s Business Data Lake for the Oil and Gas Industry, created in partnership with Pivotal and EMC, provides oil and gas companies dynamic access to huge and ever-increasing volumes of data while focusing on cost reduction. Our data lake, available as a hosted solution or via an on-premise private cloud, provides businesses with the agility to build predictive and prescriptive models that improve production and reserves forecasting while also allowing field workers to access data in real time.


  • Insights that improve well and field productivity
  • Governance capabilities for streamlined industry compliance
  • More effective targeting of high-value fields
  • Maintenance cost reduction 
  • Reduction of downtime

Big Data Expertise

Our [X] insights and data professionals have the experience and the expertise to help oil and gas companies better manage risk, improve cost management and reduce downtime.

For example, our data lake solution has helped an oil and gas enterprise with 5,000 active well deployments improve production 5-10% while also reducing costs by 5%.


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