Customer engagement platform and new services for digital cylinder management

The Capgemini Salesforce practice will demonstrate Linde Accura, a platform to enable a new customer-centric approach from Linde. With Accura, Linde provides to its customers new digital services that are the differentiating factor in a highly competitive market. Capgemini will present one mobile service from Accura enabling Linde customers to manage their inventory of reusable cylinder. Customers can now communicate directly with their supplier in a modern digital way. Capgemini will showcase an effective way of scanning cylinder bar codes to identify and locate the gas cylinders. The localization and the inventory management enable efficient processes to save unnecessary costs and prevent supply gaps. However, this basic service is just the beginning of the Linde digital transformation journey. Additional services at Accura with IoT or Artificial Intelligence will become a valuable cornerstone of the Linde business and efficiency driver for their customers. Capgemini provides an outlook to the opportunities of engaging your customers in a modern digital way.


Capgemini Salesforce practice will showcase how these new digital services can be launched in less than 3 months. New digital sensor technologies at welding machines and cylinders will enable customer operations to become more efficient in their work and deliver the highest quality against industry standards.

Linde provides digital cylinder tracking for asset management (ACCURA) and new services to capture, monitor and analyse modern welding operations (AVANTO) in order to remove cost and complexity from their customers business.

Capgemini has built these solutions for Linde based on Salesforce as a customer engagement platform in less than 3 months. The mobile application for asset tracking and movement will be shown at our CeBIT booth as well as the customer community and reporting engine.

Our expert clients can meet at CeBIT :

Dr. Manuel Götz (Monday 12:00-Wednesday 12:00 a.m)

Dirk Ilius / Marios Sperr

Klaus-Peter Gölz (Mo-Thur)

Bernhard Hinderer (Mo-Wed)