Revenue Billing and Performance Solution with Oracle

Get a comprehensive view of your billing performance with Revenue and Billing Performance Solution (RBPS) with Oracle Revenue Management and Billing (ORMB), an integrated, planning-to-reporting solution that helps banks and financial institutions measure actual billing performance against KPIs.

A Complex but Valuable Task

Managing billing performance is critical to the success of banks and financial institutions, generating insights that can have critical business impacts. It remains a complex task, however, involving multiple applications and large datasets. Many organizations today use outdated, inflexible billing platforms that do not deliver consolidated analysis. Such systems simply cannot provide a 360-degree view of a business’s customer relationships.


An Integrated Solution

Our RBPS solution helps banks and financial institutions measure actual billing performance against planned KPIs. This integrated solution is based on ORMB and is bundled with our tools, accelerators, and transformation services.

  • Actuals vs. budgeting and forecasting metrics
  • Billing performance and trend analytics
  • Existing vs. new customer performance insights
  • Cost-effective dashboards and analytics
  • Product bundling and preferential pricing evaluation
  • Predictive profitability analysis
  • Reduced processing costs

Predictable and Accelerated Outcomes

We deliver powerful, holistic solutions that can be seamlessly integrated to meet the analytical needs of different organizations, producing predictable and accelerated outcomes:

  • Multiple domain coverage via the ORMB solution lab
  • Client-based prototyping 
  • Data mapping templates and re-usable reports
  • Performance KPIs defined in planning
  • Integrated use cases
  • Pre-configured performance dashboards

By partnering with us, clients are assured of a faster time-to-market while ensuring a risk-free deployment that meets their unique business needs. This is made possible with our pre-built tools and accelerators, pre-configured solutions and product lab for prototyping before the actual deployment. These are supported by our pool of resources experienced in ORMB and domain experts with Banking and Financial Services industry knowledge.


To learn more about our Revenue Billing and Performance Solution, contact one of our solution Experts.

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