Digital Transformation for Tax & Welfare

Embrace digital technology to achieve significant improvements in policy outcomes, customer service and productivity.

Digital Tax & Welfare: Not just the future but the NOW

Transforming Tax and Welfare Administration

Digital blurs the lines between business and IT strategy as technological advances revolutionize every aspect of how government and citizens interact. Today, digital trends impact the way tax and welfare agencies approach:
  • Customer insight
  • Service design
  • Channel interaction
  • Operational processes
  • IT systems
  • New business models
Digital solutions can provide simpler, more convenient services for the customer, but they also create a challenge for tax and welfare agencies. It’s critically important to:
  • Evaluate internal needs and benefits
  • Leverage new data sources
  • Redesign process to increase automation
  • Align partnerships and employee roles

Tomorrow’s Tax and Welfare Agencies Today

We leverage digital technology to help you enable a digital tax and welfare agency that:
  • Provides 24/7 self-serve access from any digital device
  • Leverages data warehousing and analytics for personalization and compliance
  • Incorporates risking interventions into front-line operations
  • Re-focuses staff on higher-value activities such as policy and enforcement
  • Enables greater collaboration with tax professionals , banks and other third-party partners

  • Improved customer experience; making it simpler to pay tax or claim benefits
  • Optimized operational processes which are fully automated and generate less contact and few exceptions; cutting overall costs
  • Automated compliance built into core frontline processes to detect and address tax evasion and welfare fraud much earlier

At the Forefront of Digital Transformation

Capgemini Consulting and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) conducted a three-year study to determine the impact of digital worldwide. We are the largest global systems integrator in tax and welfare in the world, and work with 33 leading tax and welfare administrations to transform our findings into concrete applications.

We helped:
  • Toeslagen make it easier for claimants to notify changes of circumstance and claim the right amount.
  • HMRC Connect increase the number of successful investigations which added over 2.6 billion yield to-date.
  • French Ministry of Finance deliver online tax declaration capabilities to 11 million taxpayers.

Automatic and online – the Belastingdienst transforms Dutch social welfare claims


For more information about how digital is transforming tax and welfare, contact Andrew Lennox.
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