European welfare agencies handle more than 50,000 citizen interactions every day. Each requires efficient and accurate processing. EnablesWel enables welfare transformation to benefit civil servants and citizens alike.

EnablesWel - Enabling Welfare Transformation

Enabling Welfare Transformation

Faced with aging populations and growing demand for welfare payments, European administrations need to simplify interaction with their respective citizens. Since many current welfare management models no longer fit their purpose, governments and administrations are seeking new approaches that improve efficiency, prevent fraud and control costs.

Delivering A Responsive, Citizen-Centric Service

EnablesWel facilitates interaction between administrations, citizens and companies through digitized core business processes. This low-cost, cloud-based platform enhances customer experience and functionality without costly infrastructure investment through:
  • Smart interaction tools
  • Real-time, 24/7 multi-channel interaction
  • Integrated services such as skills availability management
With ready-to-use assets and automation of repeatable processes, 95-98% of all regular claims can be settled without manual input. That translates into reduced costs, faster processing time and fewer errors.

Strength in Partnership

EnablesWel’s component-based structure is quickly implemented for rapid return-on-investment. We work closely with you to determine which components will have the greatest initial impact, while maintaining the option to add more components later. As a future-ready solution, EnablesWel gives you the flexibility to scale up without increasing internal manpower
To find out how EnablesWel can transform your welfare management business, contact Alexandre Negadi.
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